Acroflow® 90 minutes, Saturday mornings.

Acroflow® 90 minutes, Saturday mornings.

With a focus on proper alignment and technique through incrementally more challenging positions and transitions, Acroflow® is a fun way to get in shape, stay healthy, and connect with others. The class structure builds towards progressively more complex and challenging “acro’ flows”, or fluid sequences in this partnered acrobatic movement vocabulary. Practitioners develop increased muscular strength and flexibility, joint mobility, proprioceptive awareness (parts of the body in relation to one another), kinesthetic awareness (where the body is in space), as well as confidence in themselves and trust in others.
The Acroflow® class is accessible to all levels of experience.  Starting with a yoga-based warm-up, we continue with basic postures and a light therapeutic/massage sequence to allow the base (supportive practitioner on the bottom) to calibrate the weight of the flyer (practitioner moving through space on top), and for the flyer to become comfortable with their base and with being inverted (upside down).  We continue through the rest of the class to progress within the capacity of the practitioners, towards gradually more challenging acrobatic transitions, postures, and sequences.

Hourly Schedule

New Day


Nov 02 2019


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


12€ single class.  50€ for 5 classes (valid for 2 months). 90€ for 10 classes (valid for 3 months).  The multiple class options can be applied to all "open-air"/outdoor classes, including the 18:30 Promayoga classes.


Parc sa Riera
Parc sa Riera, Palma de Mallorca


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