Promaflow® guided movement/contemporary dance, 75 minutes, Friday evenings @ 18:30.

Promaflow® guided movement/contemporary dance, 75 minutes, Friday evenings @ 18:30.

Are you ready to delve deeper into your physicality, to explore further, the range of your body’s capabilities while progressing closer towards realizing its full, unique potential?  Join me every Friday evening at 20:00 at the beautiful studio of Earth Yoga for my guided movement/dance improvisation class.

What to expect and gain from the experience:

• A discovery of what is possible with your body.

• Development of proprioceptive awareness through guided improvisation exercises.

• An increased range of motion through joint articulations.

• Development of stamina, through continual movement exercises.

• A greater awareness of where you hold and how you move your center of gravity over chosen bases of support.

• Comfort in exploring the use of “less practiced” parts of the body as bases of support.

• Introduction to, and development of, kinesthetic awareness (orientation of the body in space).

• Greater control of your body, and capacity to move it through space.

• Introduction to and practice in the sharing (giving and receiving) of weight with another body, through contact improvisation exercises.

• Development of trust with others, and a greater understanding of the requisites for its continual development.


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Jan 31 2020


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm


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Joshua Marin-Hepfl

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