Personalized, Private, and Semi-private Sessions

If a one-on-one training session is a more comfortable or convenient option for you, personal training sessions can be scheduled to be held at your home or a location of your preference, at a time that fits your busy schedule. Palma de Mallorca offers beautiful weather throughout the year, making your private session on the beach, in a park, or elsewhere in nature, an attractive option during your visit to the island. Small group training programs are also available for you and your friends, co-workers, or employees.

Contact Joshua to schedule an appointment:
+34 633543372

Joshua Yoga Promaflow™ yoga inversion

Promayoga™ Class Schedule

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Joshua is pleased to offer his practice to the yoga community in Palma de Mallorca. Joshua continues to guide his students on their path towards a life of health and wholeness, encouraging the development of a heightened sense of awareness, through an experience which facilitates growth towards the realization of their unique potential.

Acroflow® classes and courses 2020.

Acroflow® partnered acrobatic (acroyoga) classes with Joshua Marin-Hepfl continue in 2020! The next 4 class course will commence in April, at Yoga Flow Studio in Palma de Mallorca.  The course rate will be €40 for 3 classes within the 4 weeks, or €45 for all 4 classes in the 4 weeks (missed classes can not be made up in future courses).

Internationally renowned instructor and performing artist Joshua Marin-Hepfl has been offering his Acroflow® partnered acrobatic practice on the beautiful island of Mallorca since 2014. Prior to that, along with offering his practices through studios and institutions throughout Amsterdam, Joshua was on staff at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK), offering both his Acroflow® method as well as his Proma (progressive mastery) Yoga practice to students who have since gone on to work with professional dance and performance groups around the world.

More about the classes::
The open level AcroFlow® classes are ideal for practitioners of all levels of experience who are interested in developing their understanding of, and technique in this physically challenging yet playful partnered acrobatic movement vocabulary. Combining elements of acrobatics, yoga, post-modern/contemporary dance, and contact improvisation, we will playfully explore new movement pathways, while developing strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and awareness throughout the entire body. The classes will include theory of alignment and weight transfer with your partners, warm-up and conditioning to develop your physical capacity to safely practice with confidence, specific techniques and intelligent corporal pathways of descent for safe transitions out of flows (falling), and of course, lots of fun acro' practice.

Contact Joshua if you have additional questions or to confirm your attendance at either of the two weekly AcroFlow® classes.:
+34 633543372

Joshua Marin-Hepfl movement improvisation

Promaflow™ Classes and Workshops

Movement improvisation for heightened awareness.

Are you ready to delve deeper into your physicality, to explore further the range of your body’s capabilities while progressing closer towards realizing its full, unique potential? Join us every Friday evening at 18:30 at the beautiful Earth Yoga studio in Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca, for my guided movement/dance improvisation class.

What to expect and gain from the experience:

• A recognition of what more is possible with your body.

• Development of proprioceptive awareness through guided improvisation exercises.

• An increased range of motion through joint articulations.

• Development of stamina, through continual movement exercises.

• A greater awareness of where you hold and how you move your center of gravity over chosen bases of support.

• Comfort in exploring the use of “less practiced” parts of the body as bases of support.

• Introduction to, and development of, kinesthetic awareness (orientation of the body in space).

• Greater control of your body, and capacity to move it through space.

• Introduction to and practice in the sharing (giving and receiving) of weight with another body, through contact improvisation exercises.

• Development of trust with others, and a greater understanding of the requisites for its continual development.

• A deeper understanding of your emotional state through observation of and reflection on your movement, experienced through a series of “stream of consciousness” exercises.

• Recognition of habitual movement patterns in your body.

• An opportunity to experience how your “body’s language” can reveal or reflect aspects of your psychology (past experiences, fears, desires, etc.) held in the subconscious, and the “container” that is your body.